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Relics of history

Travel back in ages

Less than 15 minutes’ walk from the mansion visitors can find the archeological remains of the acropolis of Rhodes, where you can travel back in ages and marvel at the relics of history. The acropolis of Rhodes with temple of Apollo is a Doric style temple dating back from the Hellenistic period (3rd – 2nd century BC) that was excavated by the Italian School of Archaeology at Athens from 1912 -1945.

Visitors can admire the few columns drums of the temple that stand still today as an indication of the original monumental character alongside with the surrounding ancient ruins on site as well as the ancient stadium of Rhodes with its’ small theatre located nearby.

In the ancient acropolis of Rhodes visitors have the chance to admire the remaining of the ancient stadium of Rhodes, just next to the temple of Apollo. The stadium was estimated to be 210 meters in length with some of its part being preserved even today. More specifically the original surviving parts include the “Sphendone” (rounded end with turning post), the “Proedries” (the place where officials used to seat) and some of the lower seats in the auditorium.

What is remarkable is that the starting mechanism for the athletes has been preserved as well! In addition just a few meters away the gymnasium rests which was basically a massive square shaped edifice. Archaeologists have managed to recover significant art works from this site. Unfortunately the entire Acropolis is yet to be excavated with an exclusive archaeological zone of 12,500 square meters being segregated from contemporary edifices.

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